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My Response to Sullivan Letter

December 28, 2006

Dear Ed,

I received your letter dated December 18, 2006 and so did many of my neighbors. Thank you for your response. But I can assure you that your comments and the information provided in your letter are not enough to change my mind.

Since I saw you at the last Village meeting, I have spoken at several other board meetings including Mundelein High School, Fremont Township and Mundelein Park District. Fremont Township appeared quite surprised by the fact that the public was even aware of this proposal since they were unsure if they would even participate in such a deal. Mundelein High School also seemed a little surprised and unsure.

I’m quite sure that since I first found out about this proposal (the first week of November), that I have spoken to a great many more Mundelein residents regarding this proposal than you have. So far, only 1 person has voiced even the slightest bit of support. Most individuals feel as I do. Most are furious with the fact that they were never informed about this proposal until speaking with me, especially those who actually back up to the right of way.

Several issues that I have not addressed with you include:

From conversations with IDOT, I am aware of the potential drainage problem in the field behind my house. My backyard, along with most others that back up to the right of way, have an 8 – 10 foot drop along the field. This drop is used for drainage, along with the trench running through the center of the field. Any changes to this field will negatively affect the drainage.

You also mentioned the mosquito problem. According to a local Environmental Engineer that I spoke with and all of the research I found on the Internet, mosquitoes breed in standing water, not in dry field areas. Building practice fields will not cut down on the standing water because the drainage ditches will still be needed. Again, if you have information proving otherwise, I would certainly like to see that, too. And as far as the cleanliness of the field, I think that this field is much cleaner than other areas of Mundelein. There is no more trash in that field than there is on our streets. Since people don’t gather in this field and spend a significant amount of time there, trash is currently not a problem. But it will be once a bunch of high school students start to congregate there.

In your letter, you indicated that there have been illegal activities (including drug use) in the Rt. 53 Right of Way area near Dunton Court. I spoke to the Police Sargent on duty in Mundelein on 12/28/06 regarding this so-called drug problem. He informed me that to the best of his knowledge there have not been any drug problems in the field as long as he can remember. So if you know of any specific incidents, I would certainly like to know the details. In the 8 years that I have lived in a house that backs up to the field, I have never seen any activity there other than the occasional student cutting through the field to get to the other side!


The fact that I am a graduate of Mundelein High School. I can tell you from personal experience that the school needs more computers, an updated library, and improved theatre conditions much more so than it needs more athletic support. It’s no secret that this country’s schools have much stronger support for its athletic teams than it does for the arts. This needs to change.

Finally, speaking as a GLMV Chamber Member, the business of Mundelein will also suffer if this proposal goes through. I work out of my home, as do many of my neighbors. Several residents/businesses have already told me that they WILL move out of this proposal goes through. We may be small businesses but we help keep small towns like Mundelein alive.

I’ve never been a politically active person. I prefer to blend in. But due to the serious negative effect that this could have on my life and on the value of my home, I intend to make sure that my voice is heard loud and clear. I appreciate that you THINK you’re doing what’s best for the community, but it’s clear that this is not what the community wants or needs.



Heather Lynn Rowan

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