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Route 53 Right of Way Forum

Letter to Ed Sullivan

January 11, 2007


Dear Ed,

I’ve read and re-read you Dec. 18th letter. There are several new issues that I feel need to be brought to your attention.

  1. You have not mentioned the startup costs involved with your proposal. The $1600 rent is so minimal, it is of no concern to anyone, myself included. But there must be a great deal of expense involved in changing our beautiful field into a useable playing fields; rerouting the drainage trenches, regrading the field, laying down sod, etc. How much are those costs? Who will pay for those services?
  2. In your letter you were very eloquent, yet you neglected to address most of our original concerns; drainage, noise, traffic, littering, loitering, etc. You said there would be little need for parking since the parents will just be dropping off or picking up their students before and after practice. But what about those who come to visit the dog park or community gardens? Where will they park?
  3. You also mentioned that the high school students are currently being bused to Mechanics Grove or elsewhere to practice. After speaking to several of the students who use the off campus facilities for practice, I discovered that they are not being bused, they walk. But they have a stoplight at the intersection of 176 and Midlothian. That would not be the case if they use the fields behind Dunton Court. They would be crossing Hawley Street where there are not stoplights, making it much more dangerous.
  4. At the November Village Board meeting, you told me that I should speak to the boards of the lessees involved with your proposal. So far, all 3 boards (Mundelein Park District, Mundelein High School and Fremont Township) have basically denied having anything to do with the proposal so far. All of them have told me that at this point, YOU are the only one involved and YOU are the one to talk to about our concerns. The boards also told me that this is not the first time you’ve attempted to have this proposal passed and that your attempts have failed in the past. I assume that whatever obstacles stood in your way then, are also still in the way now. I am quite curious as to why your previous attempts failed.
  5. There are quite a few concerned citizens who would like to address you directly regarding this proposal. We feel that it is only appropriate for you to hold a meeting to allow us to voice our opinions directly and collectively to you, the one responsible for these concerns. Rather than all of us attempting to meet with you individually, we would like to schedule some sort of group meeting with you. Please advise when that would be possible.


Heather Lynn Rowan

Heather Lynn Rowan

CC:  Mundelein High School, Mundelein Park District, Village of Mundelein, Fremont Township



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