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Route 53 Right of Way Forum

Letter to Lessees

December 1, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently, I received notification of a proposal from Representative Ed Sullivan Jr.’s office regarding the use of the property located directly behind my home, known as the Route 53 Right of Way.

As I understand the situation:

  1. The property is currently owned by IDOT
  2. The proposal will lease the property to Mundelein High School, the Village of Mundelein, and the Mundelein Park District
  3. The proposal included plans for a dog park, a community garden, and athletic practice fields
  4. According to Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., the lease could be signed by the end of 2006
  5. The designated parking is at the small community park on Southport
  6. There will be no permanent structures or lighting in the field

All of that sounds just fine, in theory. But speaking not only as a resident of Mundelein, but as a home-owner whose property actually borders the above mentioned property, I am strongly against this proposal.

The reasons for my opposition include:

  1. Traffic: our little subdivision was not designed to handle the increased traffic to accommodate those who would come to visit a community garden or a dog park, or parents who come to drop off or pick up their students from the athletic fields.
  2. Parking: The proposed parking area is completely insufficient for this type of use since it only has room for about 6 cars.
  3. Foot traffic: There are already too many high school students crossing Hawley Street, which can get pretty busy during rush hour traffic. At least during rush hours there are police directing traffic and crossing guards, but students will be crossing Hawley to get to the practice fields at all hours of the day and night creating potentially hazardous situations. Southport is also a very busy street through our subdivision.
  4. Trash: More people means more trash in our subdivision, on our lawns, in our streets and the property in question.
  5. Noise: I work out of my home. It will be pretty hard to work when there is noise generated by the athletic practice and barking dogs from the dog park. Presently, the noise from Mundelein High School can be heard from my home. According to the proposed map, the dog park will be directly outside of my office window.
  6. Aesthetic beauty: For the last 8 years that I have lived in this house, I have enjoyed looking out my window at a field full of wild flowers, birds and small animals. Staring at fenced in fields, backstops, goal posts and other obstructions, is no substitute for the natural beauty we presently enjoy.
  7. Better use of funds. Mundelein High School has always had strong support of the Athletics Department. But as a former graduate of Mundelein High School, I can tell you that the Theatre Department and the Library have been neglected financially for many, many years.

As far as I am concerned, if this proposal goes through, the value of my property will decrease exponentially. I live alone and thoroughly enjoy my privacy, and peace and quite. Both of which will be destroyed if these changes take place.

During my brief conversation with Representative Ed Sullivan Jr. on 11/09/06, he mentioned that there are no scheduled referendums associated with this proposal. No chance for the residents to voice their opinions. That doesn’t seem fair. It sounds like this proposal is going through whether the residents want it or not, or whether it’s best for our community or not.



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