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Route 53 Right of Way Forum

To contact any of the members of the Village Board, Mundelein Park District, Fremont Township, or Mundelein High School, or Representative Ed Sullivan Jr., please use the email links below.

Representative Ed Sullivan Jr.

Fremont Township Trustee Mike Gustafson

Fremont Township Trustee Mike Hayek

Fremont Township Trustee Christina McCann

Fremont Township Trustee Chic Martin

Mundelein High School Board President Ed Specht

Mundelein High School Vice President Steve Wirt

Mundelein High School Board Secretary Vicky Kennedy

Mayor Kenneth Kessler

Village Board Trustee Steven "Chip" Cancelli

Village Board Trustee James Nutschnig

Village Board Trustee Jay Schedler

Village Board Trustee Ray Semple

Village Board Trustee Ed Sullivan Sr.

Village Board Trustee Terri Voss